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Extra! Extra! Fun Facts About Foundation!

Everything good in life requires one thing: a solid foundation. Whether it’s a career in tech, sports, medicine, art or you’re just picking up a new hobby/skill – having the proper foundation determines the success and longevity of your work. Flying by the seat of your pants so to speak may get you a quick fix, but the results often don’t last (like fad dieting; it just doesn’t work in the long haul). There’s no matter of life in which foundation isn’t important – this remains true a thousand fold for the foundation of you house. But what exactly...

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Are you ready for when a disaster strikes?

Are you ready for when a disaster strikes? Well, nobody is truly ever ready for disaster as they tend to just happen, especially earthquakes. Do you have a plan for when disaster strikes? No? Well, there’s no time like the present. Here are a few simple steps to help prepare yourself and your family for the more imminent dangers of California: earthquakes. Build A Kit Disasters have a way of wreaking havoc on our lives in ways we simply don’t think about during our day-to-day business. Tommy is obsessing over the new zit on his chin, Sally is stressing...

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Early Warning Signs That Your Home Foundation Needs a Professional Repair

Early Warning Signs That Your Home Foundation Needs a Professional Repair In terms of home improvement, most people spend very little time thinking about the foundation of their property. The hard truth is that many homeowners do not pay much attention to the only thing that’s supporting the entire house and that is the foundation! Do not make the mistake of taking foundation repair for granted. Such an action can lead to cracking of the entire home that could be dangerous and expensive to repair. We recommend never ignoring the various issues related to the structure and foundation of...

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Sell or Retrofit?

Sell or Retrofit? LA landlords are opting to sell over retrofit while hospital closes, and lays off all 638 employees The county of Los Angeles may have gotten away in comparison to the East Coast this year, however one natural disaster will continue to keep homeowners/landlords sleeping with one eye open. Property owners are now facing the tough decision between selling their buildings or undergoing a timely and costly retrofit for older apartment buildings according to CoStar. Now maybe the time to take advantage of the rising market and sell properties for property owners. This is becoming a popular...

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Signs of Building Foundation Problems

Foundation failure is not only detrimental but is also an extremely expensive problem. If left unacknowledged, even small damage can lead to a bigger and even more of a financial headache in the long run. The best action to take is to prevent any further damage from escalating. Scan for signs of potential foundation damage and address them early on as they appear. Here is a checklist of the most common signs of foundation deterioration.  1. Water Damage If you notice soil shifting and water damage, it may be from improper water drainage. This is the leading cause...

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